BizTalk Server application integration



HMG TUO Banner For an example of enterpise integration, see our HM Government Tell Us Once programme solution with Microsoft BizTalk Server



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Business process and application integration solutions with Microsoft BizTalk Server

Business process and application integration is complex, so why allow the underlying IT system to add technology risk ?

Microsoft BizTalk Server is the world’s most widely used integration platform, Solidsoft Reply is recognised by Microsoft as trusted BizTalk Server experts with three Application Integration Worldwide Partner of the Year awards since 2006.

The combination of BizTalk Server and Solidsoft Reply will reduce risk, complexity and cost, proven in over 300 successful client deliveries including significant cross government programmes

Solidsoft Reply have 20 years’ experience developing custom business applications and process integration solutions using Microsoft platforms and technology. We are the leading Microsoft partner in business process and application integration using the BizTalk Server platform since its launch in 2001.


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