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Solidsoft reply event tshirt

Hampshire 14 September 2014; To start the Solidsoft Reply "do good" community campaign I wanted to test the event t-shirt that we will be using for community and charity events.


Run the Vyne 2014 10K event was a perfect start.


It turned out to be a fine Sunday morning and the weather was not too hot nor too cold, just great for a friendly stomp around the woods in the beautiful and historic surroundings of the Vyne estate. We started the run with the audience cheering at 10am on 14-Sep. The first lap of 5k was quite dificult with couple of steep hills but the much quieter second lap allowed me to take a peek at my peaceful surroundings and I have to admit it was such a beautiful landscape. What a drastic change from the town centre's hustles and bustles though it’s just few minutes away from Basingstoke??!!.


Thanks to the Solidsoft Reply T-Shirt designers, during my run, one of the Marshalls near the water station said my T-Shirt was really cool and thought I was part of some enneagon sports club.. Lol..!!!


So, I won the medal after my 10K run and moreover earned a huge satisfaction in raising money for UNICEF. We have planned some more team activities here at Solidsoft Reply to raise more funds during the coming weeks before we close our fund raising page in December.

Go Team Solidsoft Reply!!!


Solidsoft reply event tshirt


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