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Paul and I attended an Azure Architecture workshop at Microsoft last week.  The intention is that this workshop is going to form the basis of a new course.  The content was not about looking at architecting Azure solutions specifically but rather looking at named patterns and how they apply to Azure solutions.

The course was well structured, it discussed each pattern (or dare I say – micropattern!) at a high level and worked through a matric that listed all the patterns and what design challenges each pattern is used to solve.  They have made the slides available, they were at and but I will try to upload them to a shared area too.

What I found most reassuring from the perspective of someone only recently getting my hands dirty with Azure is that what we have been doing has been fitting within named patterns and personally speaking this will increase confidence when justifying design decisions to customers.  I think the demos that they ran were particularly weak, and did not really demonstrate anything in particular.  They were rushed and not well explained, so it was difficult to relate what was being shown to the current pattern in discussion.

The slides I think have some useful diagrams in, I suspect these may find their way into documents in the future.

The design challenges tackled were:

Cloud Chall



And the patterns that were covered were in the following matrix:


I suspect they will be miuch clearer in the PDFs


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