What to do post the demise of Google reader???

For a number of years I have used Goggle reader to pull together and categorize a number of key blogs I follow. The number has risen over the years as the subject matter has grown and now sits at over 150+ blogs. Now not all update daily but I spend around 40 minutes to an hour every morning checking out the various updates. For the last couple of years that has been achieved using FeedlerPro on my iPad and more lately using Modern Reader on my new Lenovo Think Pad Twist (more next blog on this one).

So this combination means I can successfully cope with the task of ‘keeping a breast’ of technology.   All this is about to end with Google’s announcement of the end of Google Reader. So I now enter a new phase of discovery around how I am going to continue with my ‘education’ from July!

So far I haven’t made much headway on this topic and am open to suggestion. Watch this space as I attack this new challenge. Ideally I’m looking for a Modern UI based solution maybe coupled with an Azure based aggregator. Now that sounds like an interesting ‘little’ project….

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