The Office 365 conundrum

At long last we have the Office 365 we deserve or do we? The concept of Office as a service is exciting and means for the average user both business and consumer access at a sensible price to the full office suite, web apps, skype and sky drive. With Office 365 Home Premium we have 5 installs for the home user including Office for Mac! But with Google ‘all over’ Office with it’s offering is it enough not to also attack the Android and IOS market? The worst kept secret in Redmond is that Microsoft have these apps developed already!

Of course the Office team would love to strengthen hold on the ‘Office’ market and covering off a formats including the mobile formats. The problem for Microsoft is Windows 8 and really Windows 8 RT. At the moment the only way to get an Office app on a Slate/Tablet is to buy Surface. Now Microsoft have already seen how difficult breaking that market so the thought of giving up any advantage must be a no go for the Windows team.

Time will tell which group really holds the whip hand!

The bottom line for me is the winner will be the user!

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Written by Andy James at 17:46



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