Mediation Models for iPaaS and EAI

Microservices small light 3This is the third in a series of articles on the emerging world of microservices PaaS and its relevance to Enterprise Application Integration. The other articles are:


Integration and Microservices: Describes enterprise application integration and its core abstraction of messages. Lists some widely accepted principles of microservice architecture and relates these two worlds to the emerging phenomenon of microservices PaaS.


Hexagonal Architecture – The Great Reconciler?: Describes hexagonal architecture, its correspondence to traditional multi-tier layered architecture, the Enterprise Service Bus and ‘traditional’ EAI/EDI tools, and the inspiration it provides for microservice thinking.


In 2011, Gartner introduced the concept of Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS).  Since then, there has been an explosion of iPaaS offerings in the market place.  In this article I discuss the current iPaaS market and compare and contrasts common mediation approaches for iPaaS and EAI.   I also consider briefly how iPaaS relates to microservices PaaS.

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