BizTalk integration with SharePoint 2013 Online – Troubleshooting


Extending on a well documented walkthroughhere I thought I’d share some of the errors I came across while integrating BizTalk 2013 with SharePoint Online 2013.


1) The first error I encountered was “The adapter "Windows SharePoint Services" raised an error message. 


"The Windows SharePoint Services site was not found. The URL "" points to a SharePoint object for which there is no Windows SharePoint Services site.”

This is due to the adapter looking first to authenticate on the SharePoint site. The SharePoint site requires ADFS to authenticate and redirects the to the which is where it fails. The solution here was to enable WIF on the Windows 2012 BizTalk 2013 server. It is documented here on msdn


2) The second error was “The adapter "Windows SharePoint Services" raised an error message.


"The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the Faulted state.".”


This is quite unhelpful because it does not give a clue of what is going wrong. You get this error because a .NET exception happens on the server side (SharePoint), and nothing catches and handles it. The solution is to check your settings.


In my case the problem was the password of the SharePoint Online Username that was wrong in the BizTalk adapter. I changed it and then it worked.


I hope these will help some of you get your BizTalk2013 to SharePoint Online integration working.

Written by Vincent Rouet at 00:00

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