Another excellent week in my life at Solidsoft!

One of the joys of my working life is the variety and contrasting nature of each day. This is in part due to the very nature of working at Solidsoft and of course with the cutting edge technology I work with.

This week has been a diverse mixture of Microsoft Azure solutions and Microsoft BizTalk based integration solutions. More interestingly I have spent the last two days with three Fire & Rescue County IT teams discuss the integration of a new Command and Control system.

Because of The nature of the last engagement the focus on ‘getting it right’ has never been so clearly defined! With this sort of engagement where lives are at risk it is paramount not only do we consider the ‘happy paths’ but even more importantly are the ‘unhappy paths’ as these are the ones that are critical to he project success.

Finally after a 3 hour drive home the only low point was the inability of Vodaphone to support the upgrade of my Nokia 800 to Windows Phone 7.8! As always the simple stuff is always the hardest. How come Apple make upgrades so easily and Microsoft don’t!



Written by Andy James at 21:17



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