Understanding the Big Picture–Microsoft Windows Azure

With the spring release of the latest Microsoft Windows Azure things got a lot simpler:



We can now see the roles that each of these ‘as-a-services’ have to play. As the picture above shows (taken from the Azure Training kit) we can start to put some clear water between the roles.

As a software development consultancy Solidsoft is in business to provide solutions to be business problems our customers have. The problem maybe the need to simply reduce hosting costs or as complex as the re-write of a major piece of bespoke software that runs the business. Typically in this climate it is about doing more with less or doing more with what they have. Azure allows us to meet these demands quickly and most cost effectively.

So how to best utilise these roles?


In my view IaaS is all about migration – the migration from on-premises to cloud with little or no change to the underlying applications merely a re-provisioning into the cloud to take advantage of what Azure offers.

PaaS is about innovation, development, re-development, extension and integration. The ability to deliver new more innovative solutions to problems more quickly, cheaply and more robust and scalable. To drive business value by getting those systems working together offering new services to both the customer and employee alike.

SaaS is about providing the ready-meal of software packages there ready to be consumed such as Office 365. 

But one thing is very clear these are not simply silos but building blocks, tools and facilities that can be mixed and matched to provide solutions to real business problem. Not forgetting we can also include on-premises in that solution.

The power of being able to migrate some on-premises systems to Azure, integrate them using Azure Cloud Services and even position the outcome as a SaaS solution in it’s own right should not be under-estimated.

A few years ago a colleague of mine at Solidsoft stated ‘we were in the job of dream making for businesses – making their dreams a reality’ today with Azure we are much, much closer to that sentiment.

Need your business dreams realising? Contact Solidsoft.

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