Living with Windows 8

So I’ve now been living with Windows 8 on my main laptop and on my ‘Build’ slate for the last few months so I thought it was time to share my experiences.

In the main I can say that it is all good, in fact I’d go as far as to say it’s probably the best Windows so far. I have fully come to terms with the Metro interface both as a super start menu for my laptop/desktop and as something more on my slate.

For me the key features are:

Start-up speed

At last we are up there with the Mac – I even find a cold start-up faster than a ‘hibernate’ start-up

The Metro Interface

After years of clutter, strange apps such as ‘Fences’ to make my desktop work for me Microsoft have solved it at a stroke! Not only have I got the Start Menu I’ve graved but with Apps thrown in I can get the info I need quickly and with minimum trouble. The to clutter my desktop with short cuts is greatly reduced (my aim is to do it completely)


This is now search on steroids – not just fast but fast across everything be is apps, files or settings. The joy of just typing something on the start menu and getting to it almost immediately – try something such as ‘Wireless settings’ and search settings!

Windows Desktop (Windows 7.5??)

A new tour-de-force with the newly designed explorer with it’s ribbon, the ability to start VHD’s and ISO’s with a double click or the addition of Hyper-V to the desktop machine. There are so many more in this excellent forward moving release.

Of course there are a few not quite so good things:


Very buggy at the moment but I’m sure will be good by release

Metro Apps

Like the curates egg – good in parts – most in preview stage. The good are very good the worst don’t run!

Media Centre

Microsoft have removed it and are making it a paid add on along with DVD playing.

In summary this is a major step forward in some areas and a well honed update in others. I like it!

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