Charles Young at SWAG CloudBurst conference in Stockholm

Solidsoft’s Charles Young recently presented at the recent SWAG CloudBurst conference in Stockholm.


Brad Gaster commented:

“Enterprise architecture was a huge topic at CloudBurst, with many talks covering what cloud means for the enterprise. One of the most inspiring talks was executed by Charles Young, a London-based Windows Azure/BizTalk architect, who made a great point – “Cloud democratizes enterprise development.”

Mr. Young’s talks on enterprise patterns in the cloud using Windows Azure were some of the most well-received of the event. We chatted afterwards, and he enthusiastically commended Microsoft on our open direction with Windows Azure and reiterated how that direction is one he and many other enterprise architects appreciate, for it provides a host of new opportunities in their consultancies.

He also expressed great interest in SignalR and commented that my session’s introduction of the topic as a real-time solution gave him some new ideas on how his company could solve a potential upcoming project issue. Charles’ enthusiasm is contagious, and his commitment to pushing the Windows Azure platform’s enterprise capabilities should be commended.”

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