Azure–Spring release

On June the 7th Microsoft launched the latest update to Azure for some reason dubbed ‘Spring release’ strange as in the UK we would be only 14 days from Mid-summers day!

New features and a much better portal abound and this blog will merely allude to the wonders that are in this release.

In no particular order:

Web Sites

Microsoft are now providing a quicker and more easy way to deploy web sites to the highly scalable cloud environment. Furthermore they are even providing for free the chance to deploy 10 small web sites. This offer extends for 12 months.

Virtual Machines

Microsoft now provide an IaaS platform on to which we can deploy Virtual Machines and Virtual Hard drives.

Big Data

Petabyte scale data storage fully compatible, enterprise ready Hadoop service.

Media Services

Create, manage and distribute media in the cloud. Media services provides encoding, streaming and full analytics.


For much more info go to Microsoft Azure or contact the Azure experts at Solidsoft.

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