MS BRE Backward Chaining - Part 2: The 'Simple Name' pattern

This is the second of a three-part series, as follows:
Part 1: Situating the Business Rules Engine
Part 2: Backward Chaining: the 'Simple Name' pattern
Part 3: Backward Chaining: the ‘Bound Variable' pattern

In part one of this three-part series, I explained some of the historical influences that led Microsoft to design their Business Rules Engine as a 'situated reasoning engine'. In this second part, I want to look at a pattern that exploits these features. Microsoft's engine is often described as a 'forward-chaining' rule engine. However, like several other similar engines, it is entirely capable of undertaking 'backward-chaining' as well. It has no explicit, built-in support for the semantics of backward-chaining, which is a pity. However, the 'situated' capabilities of the engine are sufficient to implement the backward-chaining approach. Read more at
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