Look out for "Integration Mondays"!

Look out for "INTEGRATION MONDAYS" and our new user group "Integration User Group". The first event is going to happen tonight (19th Jan) at 7:30 pm UK time. There are already over 200 people registered for the session "Microservices and the Cloud-Based Future of Integration" by Charles Young of Solidsoft Reply, one of the well known names in the BizTalk world especially his contribution toward rules engine.

If in case you missed the announcement there are still some seats left (we need to close at maximum 250 attendees, due to webinar restrictions), please go ahead and register.

Registration and More details can be found here

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I will be presenting at the UK Connected Systems User Group ‘Integration Monday’ webinar on Monday, 19th January at 7:30 pm:


“The software integration market is heating up with dozens of new cloud-based vendors and a sea-change in customer expectations.  What does this means for traditional Enterprise Application Integration?  What do modern integration tools give us and where is this all heading.  The answer is cloud-based microservices PaaS, and Microsoft is leading the charge forward.  What are microservices, what is the next-generation Azure PaaS platform all about and how will this transform the world of application and service integration in the future?”

Registrations are open athttp://www.eventbrite.com/e/integration-monday-2015-01-19-charles-young-tickets-15134643125

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Mediation Models for iPaaS and EAI

Microservices small light 3This is the third in a series of articles on the emerging world of microservices PaaS and its relevance to Enterprise Application Integration. The other articles are:


Integration and Microservices: Describes enterprise application integration and its core abstraction of messages. Lists some widely accepted principles of microservice architecture and relates these two worlds to the emerging phenomenon of microservices PaaS.


Hexagonal Architecture – The Great Reconciler?: Describes hexagonal architecture, its correspondence to traditional multi-tier layered architecture, the Enterprise Service Bus and ‘traditional’ EAI/EDI tools, and the inspiration it provides for microservice thinking.


In 2011, Gartner introduced the concept of Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS).  Since then, there has been an explosion of iPaaS offerings in the market place.  In this article I discuss the current iPaaS market and compare and contrasts common mediation approaches for iPaaS and EAI.   I also consider briefly how iPaaS relates to microservices PaaS.

Read on at http://wblo.gs/frn

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Hexagonal Architecture – The Great Reconciler?

Microservices small light 2In 2005, Alistair Cockburn, one of the co-authors of the Agile Manifesto and the originator of the Oath of Non-Allegiance, posted an article on his site that recast an old idea in a new form. The concept of ports and adapters is deeply familiar to EAI developers. The new form, which he called ‘hexagonal architecture’ is widely regarded as the inspiration behind microservices.  Is hexagonal architecture the ultimate reconciliation between microservices, ESB, EAI and EDI?

Read on at http://geekswithblogs.net/cyoung/archive/2014/12/20/hexagonal-architecturendashthe-great-reconciler.aspx

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Azure Architecture Workshop

Paul Brown and I recently attended an Azure Architecture Workshop by Microsoft that is intended to become a course.  We were basically guinea pigs!

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Azure Event Hub and IoT

Azure Event Hubs Overview

Event Hub is one of the last technologies that Microsoft released, many are the possibilities and the combinations to use it with the other Azure technology layers and in the IoT (Internet ofThing) scenarios.
In this article I will expose all my thoughts about it.




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BizTalk MicroServices and INTEGRATE 2014 Recap

Integrate 2014

I'm back in the company after a great week at Redmond’s Microsoft campus where I attended the Integrate 2014 event.
Microsoft presented the new investiment strategy and a lot of new updates about Azure and Integration.

In this article I'm going to present a recap and my personal thougths about this great event.


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Integration and Microservices

Microservices Small Light 1Across the IT industry, people are re-thinking their approach to application integration and electronic data interchange in the context of ubiquitous scale-out cloud platforms, the onward march of service-orientation, the success of the RESTful philosophy, the adoption of agile methodologies and the rise of devops and continuous deployment. In this rapidly evolving world, the microservices concept has gained attention as an architectural and design model that promotes best practice in building modern solutions.


In this post, I explain the two worlds of integration and microservices and start to explore how they relate to each other. I discuss the relationship between microservices and integration, especially in the context of emerging microservice PaaS platforms.



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BizTalk360 Monitoring – Approaches for creating alarms

I have been helping a few different clients recently with configuring the monitoring for their solutions and thought I would document some of the approaches I have gathered so far.

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BizTalk - References Data (Xref) Caching

Biztalk Server 2013 220Px

Most online resources that I come across suggests that the Xref 'Get Value' functoids will indeed cache values after the first DB call which in turn reduces the number of database round trips - but does it really?l.... >>> More

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